Camping, lodging fees increase at Michigan state parks

A night in a sleeping bag is costing more at Michigan campgrounds.

Rates have gone up between $2 and $8 a night, depending on the campground and the day, the Department of Natural Resources said.

The DNR said it’s the first increase in four years. It took effect on Nov. 1.

"Since 2019, state park attendance has grown from an estimated 28 million visitors to more than 35 million visitors, a 30% increase," the DNR said. "This dramatic surge in visitors has added to day-to-day operational costs."

Parks also need money for maintenance as well as damage caused by storms and high water levels, the DNR said.

Some parks have cabins and other lodging. That rate is going up by $10 a night.

Camping and lodging fees account for 51% of money used to operate state parks, the DNR said.