Cancer patient to get stolen car back

Larry Butts has been diagnosed with throat cancer. Now, it hurts physically for him to talk, but he's so upset about his transportation troubles that he's putting his pain aside.

"I've been off work, and I need my car to go back and forth to the hospital," he says. 

But Larry hasn't had his car since February 11, when it was stolen from his supposedly secure parking lot. 

Police found the 1996 Chrysler Cirrus that night, but Larry can't get it out of the impound lot at Gene's Towing. Detroit Police won't release it.

"The people who got the car say all you have to do is get a clearance from the police station and the police station says this, or call them, or call this and it's been going on for about a month now," says Butts.

Almost exactly a month and Larry still has no car. 

"I've been getting the run around ever since," he says. "Give me a reason as to why I can't have my car. That's all I want to know."

And that's why Larry's family called FOX 2. 

Detroit Police tell us it was involved in an armed robbery after it was stolen and that's why there was a hold on it. But after we talked to the detective on the case, Detroit Police say it can be released into the custody of its rightful owner. 

It'll soon be back in its proper parking spot and, fortunately, Larry won't have to pay the impound storage fee of $15 a day.