Car theft from dealer leads to crash on Livernois near 94

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The opening routine at C & M Auto Sales on Livernois near 94 in Detroit begins around 10 each morning. During that time, the owners usually move some cars around the lot to prepare for customer test driving. 

But on Monday morning, a Toyota Camry was stolen right off the lot. 

"They must have been watching before we opened up at 10 a.m.," said owner Danny Andujar.

Andujar was in the shop taking care of business when the car was stolen. 

"When I walked out the building, I noticed the car wasn't there," Andujar said. "So right away, I got a call that there was a Toyota Camry wrecked at a bridge." 

After getting the call, Andujar went to the bridge to investigate and found the new car totaled. The car thief was nowhere to be found. 

"He's got to be hurt because all the airbags did pop off," Andujar said. 

Whoever stole the car did not get too far because the location of the accident was just a few blocks away from the dealership. 

Andujar can't help but wonder what if the school that is just a couple blocks away had been let out at the time. 

"Luckily no kids got hurt on the sidewalk because Munger is right there in the next block," said Andujar. 

When Andujar got back to the office, he checked the surveillance footage. He suspects a blue Ford Taurus may have dropped the thief off. Witnesses at the crash said they saw the same Taurus pick the thief up after the crash. 

Andujar and his family are offering a $1,000 cash prize to anyone who may have information leading to an arrest. If you know anything simply call The Detroit Police Department.