Carjacking along 7 Mile interrupted by MSP troopers

Police are looking for two suspects after an attempted carjacking early Tuesday morning on the city's west side. 

It just so happened police were in the right place at the right time, and were able to halt the crime. The suspects still got away, though. 

"We don't just drive up and down the street in the pretty blue car and write parking tickets. Our main job is to deter crime," says Michigan State Police First Lt. Michael Shaw. 

MSP troopers were patrolling in the area of Seven Mile and Fenmore near the Southfield Freeway when they came across the crime just after 3 a.m. Their instinct was dead on.

"These troopers noticed the silver Toyota and some things that just didn't look right to them, and when they stopped they found out they had interrupted a carjacking," Shaw explains. 

Police searched high and low Tuesday for the three suspects who ran from them. They even brought in their K-9 unit to try and sniff out any potential hiding spots.           

Investigators eventually found one of the suspects. The two others are still on the run. 

"Usually if we catch one (suspect) they're gonna give up who they are with. Nine out of 10 times they usually do," Shaw says. 

The driver who was carjacked was not hurt.