Carnival fight breaks out between minors on Friday in Sterling Heights

Two separate fights between minors broke out at a carnival in the Lakeside Mall parking lot on Friday.

FOX 2 obtained cellphone footage of one of them showing the chaos. As a result, there is heightened security with ID checks by carnival staff on Saturday.

"We’re trying to prevent that tonight. We’re making kids come with parents. If they’re not with a parent we're not allowing them in - that is gonna cost us, but we’re trying to make it a safe environment for everybody that’s out here," said Daniel Yarnell, the safety manager of Mid America Shows.

Unaccompanied minors were turned away at the gate with signs expressing the new policy posted in multiple places.

"This is our first time trying it… just something we thought up today," Yarnell said.

FOX 2: "Were you guys here last night? Did you see the fight?"

Fair attendee: "Hell yeah. Yeah we seen the fight, but yeah we seen all of them."

Witnesses say the fights started out as verbal altercations that quickly escalated.

"I would have never acted out of anger, but I would have got mad I would've told them back up man, I’m just telling you just back up."

Both uniformed and undercover officers roamed the area. Carnival staff hope that Friday night's altercation doesn't overshadow the fun of the event; the rides, the games, and the food.

"Anything from fried Oreos to funnel cakes to cotton candy. We got anything your heart desires."

The carnival just opened this weekend and will run for two weeks.