Cash reward offered for info on suspect in one-man Grosse Pointe crime spree

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A string of recent break-ins in Grosse Pointe. Police believe the same man is responsible with his crimes caught on camera.

Taking his apparent anger out on this cash register, police in the Grosse Pointe area are on the hunt for this man.

He was caught breaking into three businesses in less than an hour Thursday morning.

"The suspect used a rock in two of the three locations to break the window," said Chief Stephen Polini, Grosse Pointe Park City and Park Police.

Police believe the man's crime spree began at Infinity Cleaners in Grosse Pointe Woods around 2:30 a.m. But just a half hour later, the man is seen breaking the glass. Then, completely removing it, getting into this party store in the city of Grosse Pointe.

"He went in for just a couple of minutes and grabbed as much stuff as we could and quickly exited," Polini said.

And he certainly didn't waste any time hitting up another business only 10 minutes later. The man is seen breaking into this gas station in Grosse Pointe Park. He leaped over the counter with his eyes on that register.

"He tries to get the cash register, tries to get into it unsuccessfully, obviously gets mad and starts banging it on the ground," Polini said.

Although police don't have surveillance video from these cleaners in Grosse Pointe Woods, they say the thief broke through this glass door and stole about $30 to $40 dollars in coins. They of course believe it was the same guy.

"He moved fairly quickly, so he must've felt comfortable enough to get in and out quickly through each city," Polini said.

He got away with a few hundred dollars some cigarettes, lottery tickets and a laptop computer. In each break-in, the man appearing in his 30s or 40s -- is seen wearing black shorts and a black tee shirt.

He appears to be balding, with a mustache.

There is a cash reward; anyone with information should contact police at (313) 822-7400.