Catholic Foundation for Michigan donates more than $100K to charities on Giving Tuesday

The Catholic Foundation of Michigan on Tuesday dedicated $111,000 dollars to 35 hand-picked charities in our area for this Giving Tuesday

One of them is Alternatives for Girls in Detroit. The charity helps young ladies like Regina Hughes and her daughter Devonna, who have been through tough stuff, with nowhere to go.  

"They help me with a birth certificate, finding me resources for a job, teaching me how to cook and clean on a day-to-day basis, they help me with life skills," Hughes said.

We followed the money flowing in on this Giving Tuesday to find a jackpot of love and care in this facility. The Catholic Foundation of Michigan pledged $3,000 to help young women like Regina and others who have been through even worse.  

"Escaping violence, escaping sex trafficking, escaping homelessness," said Amy Good with Alternatives for Girls. "They are in need of stability, support, and parenting in many ways. Many of them come to us pregnant or parenting or both."

"We know Detroit is are some of the most generous people in the world and it's because of them we were able to do amazing things like build a ramp for adults with learning disabilities, working with alternatives for girls, helping people who have been burned out of their homes. Doing all of those good things. We invite people to partner with us because together we can make such an impact," said Angela Moloney with the foundation.

They're hoping you'll do what they're doing. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us making way for you to shop around for charities. They're hoping you'll donate on this international day of generosity.  

"It helps us provide diapers, car seats for safety transportation, breast-feeding supplies, parenting education. It will make all the difference. It will change lives. It will make all the difference for those we serve," Moloney said.

"There are other girls like me from all walks of life and you never know what they have been through. Anything helps, especially when you're young and you're going through so much in life and you don't know what to expect. It's just like a helping hand," said Hughes.

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