Caught on camera, Fraser burglar caught by police

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A man caught on camera digging through drawers, stealing from a home in Fraser.

Police used that video to track him down and now he's facing a judge.

The video taken from a surveillance camera inside a Fraser home shows a break-in suspect riffling through the owner's belongings without a care for 10 minutes.  He wasn't even fazed by the dog there.

"He was in no hurry, he was very comfortable in that house," said Lt. Mike Pettyes of the Fraser Department of Public Safety.

Appearing comfortable and calm while ransacking the place, the suspect was looking for any cash and prescription drugs. The suspect's every move and facial feature recorded, then released to the media.

"We got several minutes of him in the house standing in front of the video camera," said Pettyes. "So as soon as we put that video out less than an hour we got a number of calls."

Police got calls from people who knew 23-year old Colin Tyler. They were concerned about his drug problems and they wanted him to get help. Roughly 10 hours later police closed in on him in Clinton Township.

"The homeowner let the officer into the house," Pettyes said. "When he made it to the bedroom, the officer saw him sitting on the windowsill and he jumped from a second story window."

After a short chase officers caught him and took Tyler to jail where he remains on a $50,000 bond. The video and viewer tips proved crucial in his arrest and now hopefully in his recovery.

"No one wants a person like this on the streets," said Pettyes said.

The lieutenant said he can't emphasize enough that if you can afford one of these surveillance system in your house, you should get one.  Because without the surveillance video, police might still be looking for him. He is expected back in court at the end of the month.