Caught on video: Woman suspected of setting up tow truck driver

Police are asking for help identifying a woman who is suspected of prank calling a tow truck driver for help, then robbing him as he came out to help her.

On February 21, a woman at a McDonald's in Holly, Mich., called a tow truck driver asking him to come to the restaurant because she needed her car towed, according to White Lake Township police. When the driver showed up, the woman was gone.

The man returned home to find it had been broken into, and $1,300 in cash, jewelry and some golf clubs were missing. The woman is the key suspect in the robbery, and police believe she had help.

"There were two people. We have a photograph of one. We are hoping to identify both but if we can get the identity of the first person, I think the Dominos will start to fall," said Lake Township Police Chief Adam Kline.

Police are hoping viewers might recognize the woman and can help identify her so they can bring her in for questioning. If you have a tip, call White Lake Township Police at (248) 698-4400 or Crime Stoppers at (313) 922-5000.

"We're not going to stop. We're going to keep looking for them until we figure it out," Kline said. "Ultimately I'm sure that we'll figure it out. Hopefully they'll come forward and make it easy on themselves."