Celebration of Life to be held for Fitzgerald High teen stabbed to death

It's been nearly a year since Angelina Ford's 16-year-old daughter was stabbed to death at Warren Fitzgerald High School. Time has yet to heal that deep wound. 

"Just wish I had that day to do over. I told I love her, but I wish I could've hugged her and kissed her and just let her know that I was so proud of her," she said.

Danyna Gibson was a senior at Fitzgerald, a straight-A student and athlete considering a career in computer engineering. It was a life full of promise brought to a tragic end when Tanaya Lewis, also a student at Fitzegerald, allegedly attacked Danyna inside of a classroom.


Lewis was reportedly furious that Danyna told her boyfriend she cheated on him. 

"Every time my daughter is mentioned, so is the young lady who committed the crime, and she was just so much more than that," Ford said.

Danyna's family and friends will celebrate her life on Thursday, exactly a year after it was taken from her. They'll do so while urging the community to stop teen violence.

"Things can be hashed out in a better way and be talked about. You don't have to resort to violence. I mean, I know she regrets it but you can't take it back now," Ford said. "I think if her parents would have talked to her more and seen how she was feeling, check on her each day, maybe they could've stopped it or talked to her, consoled her or whatever she was going through."

Lewis is being held at the Macomb Countu Jail. She's set to go to trial in late October.

Danyna's celebration of life and teen violence rally will be held on 8 Mile near the Light Guard Armory.

There's also a fundraising campaign, click here.