Chad Carr's family home burglarized, photos and videos stolen

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As if losing Chad Carr hasn't been hard enough, the Carr family has now lost their only connection to some of their most precious moments with him, and wondering if their family was targeted.

"We're doing okay, we're doing fine," said Tammi Carr, Chad's mother. "But when things like this happen it just sucks the life right out of you."

Tammi Carr, her husband and two sons were on a spring break trip to Florida, still recovering from devastating loss, when they got news they couldn't believe.

"The first thing we said, was check here in this location and see if the little fire proof safe is there," she said.

Their house was broken into Friday, their car and personal items stolen, including a fire proof safe containing three black portable hard drives containing some of their most precious irreplaceable memories of their little boy.

"I'm sure they were sorely disappointed when they got that safe open, but for us they mean a lot," she said.

Chad passed away at the end of 2015, at almost 4 years old, after the young Wolverine and grandson of former U-M football Coach Lloyd Carr gained support around the world with the #ChadTough as he fought an aggressive tumor.

"I've had a real hard time looking at a lot of stuff over the last year and a half," she said.

Almost all of their memories were on those hard drives.

"What's on my phone, I look at it every day," she said. "But basically everything else was on there. From birth on."

The Carrs have already installed a new security system. Police believe the home may have been targeted although some of the neighbors also had vehicles rummaged through, but the family says the thieves can keep the car, just return the hard drives.

"I'm grateful that we have some still," she said. "I'm trying not to think too much about what all could be on there, what exact memories, I can't go there in my head, I just know that's all we have left.

"If you have a conscience leave it at our door step,” she said. “We just want to make sure people are looking.”

The family was offering a $500 reward for the safe return of the hard drive, but donations from the community have pushed the reward total to $2,000.

No questions asked, you can return those hard drives directly back to the Carr family, drop them at another location or here at the Pittsfield Township Police Department. And if you have any idea who did this, call police at (734) 822-4911..