Chaos during Christmas in July at Put-in-Bay

Christmas in July is a tradition at Put-in-Bay Island in Ohio and it's supposed to be a weekend of fun. But instead, it's turning into a brawl on the tiny island.

The island's 400 residents saw nearly 35,000 visitors last weekend and the fights got started before people even arrived on the island.

"The last 3 to 4 years there's been an increase number of tour buses that arrived here," Police Chief John Gangway said. 

Gangway said the trouble started on the ferry and involved two people from Metro Detroit: a Trenton woman for disorderly conduct and a Detroit man for assault. Once on the island, officers say there was more trouble.

"Got scuffles on the boat that spilled over into mainland onto my jurisdiction," Gangway said. 

"We had to get probably 100 officers here to make sure people were safe, make sure they were protected," Put-in-Bay police Sgt. Matt Mariano said.

Most of the charges are disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and assault. Law enforcement agencies say traffic control from the mainland was a problem.

"In the past the buses would sort of come in sporadically with 5 or 6 buses at a time. This year all of the buses arrived at the same time," Gangway said.

One of the tour bus companies is Let's Travel the World based in Detroit. We tried to reach the owner but attempts were unsuccessful.

The behavior on the island caused some to take to social media with messages.

"We must band together...Let these rude 'Dirtroit' hood rats know they are not invited," one post said.

Moving ahead, officials say they plan to work with tour bus companies to know exactly how many buses will be in the area that weekend. Put-in-Bay Village officials say moving forward they want all visitors to remember that the island is there home and they ask visitors to treat it that way.