Charges filed against driver who ran over bicyclists; bikers recovering

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Late last month, a group of bicyclists were holding a ride to help the homeless. That's when a car suddenly slammed into them.

Michael Greer and Stephanie White were riding with the Biking Belle Isle Group with about 10 others last month. According to prosecutors, 30-year-old Lamar Odom slammed into them after losing control.

Odam is accused of running down the bikers and was arraigned on four charges including driving with a suspended license and causing serious injury. According to prosecutors he was speeding in a black Grand Prix when he tried to pass someone near McNichols and Parkside. That's when he lost control and slid 55 feet. he eventually slide into them both.

"It's been described to me as we were talking one minute and the next minute they're 30-40 feet away... Unconscious," Tom Page, a friend of theirs and fellow rider, said.

Greer is in a rehabilitation center while White is still in the hospital but out of the intensive care unit.

Page says fellow riders are traumatized after watching their friends get thrown from their bikes. Greer is in a rehabilitation center Tuesday... White -- still in the hospital, but out of the intensive care unit...

"She has a long way to go but she's starting to be responsive to people around her," Page said.

Since the crash, Page says, the bond of these bike riders has strengthened so much so that a special event is planned for this weekend.

"Before the crash, Stephanie wanted to do this ride."

White won't be able to attend but Page hopes she will benefit from it by turning her ride into a fundraiser.

"Both of them are improving but they have a long way to go."

Page agrees with the charges against Odom but above all feels grateful his friends are pulling through.

Odom is being held on a $250,000 bond and faces up to five years in prison.