Charles Pugh back in court for evidence hearing

In a little more than two weeks, former Detroit City Council President and FOX 2 anchor Charles Pugh will have his day in court on accusations that he molested underage boys. On Thursday, in a pre-trial hearing, both sides argued about evidence that could be presented at the trial.

Pugh entered the Wayne County courtroom Thursday and spoke with his attorney before the hearing to decide on evidence to be presented at trial.

The topic at hand is whether prosecutors can use other acts - including alleged victims from when they were teenagers - as evidence. The defense objected but Judge Thomas Cameron ruled in the prosecution's favor.

"Because they are relevant to show a common plan and scheme of the defendant allegedly targeting teenagers in high school and using celebrity status, his mentoring program, and the possibility of employment to obtain parental consent and then using that parental consent and that isolation to allegedly commit sexual offenses," Cameron said.

Pugh is accused of engaging in a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy back in 2003, and he is scheduled to stand trial on five counts of criminal sexual conduct.

Pugh kept shaking his head during Thursday's hearing.

Prosecutor Danielle Bennets argues that Pugh used his position of authority and celebrity status in a manner to achieve his goals of having sexual relationships with underage boys.

"His intent, his motive in doing these things, taking these young men under his wing, mentoring them, being part of their lives, going to their families, going to their parents. The case law says it simple: how the defendant did what he did," Bennetts said.

Delphia Burton, Pugh's attorney, has requested documentation in the past to verify the ages of the alleged victim in this case - saying the timeline doesn't add up.

"In 1993 he was 15 and claims that he met Mr. Pugh at a club and then says it was there to have lunch with his mom. Well, in 1993 Mr. Pugh was not even in the state," Burton said.

The prosecution and Pugh have until October 26th to enter a plea, that's when they'll be back in court. His trial is set to begin on November 7th.