Charles Pugh's criminal charges; battle of gun control

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Part 1: Charles Pugh criminal charges

The criminal case against Charles Pugh.

He was once the second most powerful politician in Detroit  and now he is facing possible life in prison for alleged sex crimes.

The charges stem from an incident more than a decade old with a 14-year-old boy.  Does he have a defense or is he done?

On the panel:

Dr. Carol High-Van Dyke, psychologist who specializes in sexual abuse

Reggie Reg Davis, Detroit broadcasting legend

Charlie LeDuff, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter

Part 2: Battle over gun control

As congressional Democrats stage a sit-in protest over gun control, we've got the Detroiter who shot two people and walked away a free man.  

The sit-in may be over but the debate rages on.

On the panel:

Marcus Weldon, known as the "Santa Claus shooter" found innocent in a self-defense shooting.

Rev. David Bullock, community activist

Austin Moccia, founder of Michigan gun rights GROUP.

Part 3 On the Road – Could Detroit be a terrorist target?

Charlie Langton hits the streets to get Detroiters' opinions.