Charles Pugh's uncle says family warned him about his behavior

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Former Detroit City Council president and FOX 2 anchorman Charles Pugh had nothing to say to the people of Detroit as he was arrested outside his New York apartment and hauled away in cuffs.

But through the screen door of his Detroit home, his uncle spoke to us candidly about the allegations. Phillip Pugh said  family members warned Pugh about the potential danger with his alleged behavior.

"I'm sure he knew better even before my mother passed away she warned him the behavior," Phillip Pugh said.

FOX 2: "What did she say?"

"She says that that type of behavior is unacceptable because these are children," Phillip Pugh said. "These are the most sacred things we have on earth is our children."

Pugh faced a judge in a Manhattan courtroom charged with six counts of criminal sexual conduct involving a child who was 14 at the time.

Pugh met the teen when he was an weekend anchor at FOX 2, who happened to be a guest on the show. From there a relationship developed.

Sources say Pugh used his position and would often buy the teen gifts to further their relationship. He would bring the teen to his Detroit home when his roommate was not there and engage in sexual acts.

Prosecutors say the relationship lasted from September of 2003 until May of 2004.

Sources say the man, who is now 27, felt the courage to come forward after a recent civil suit against Pugh. The victim in that case made many of the same claims.

"This is not only a bad choice on his part," Phillip Pugh said. "I feel sorry for the young man that this has basically ruined his life too."

In a statement, the Wayne County prosecutor said despite what Pugh meant to the city in the past - and the positive work he did here, "we cannot and will not, turn a blind eye to these alleged facts."

"Egos always get people at the top of their game," Phillip Pugh said.

FOX 2: "Ego - you think that's what did it?"

"I know it is," Phillip Pugh said. "Because it got to the point he wouldn't confide in the eldest members of this family."

Phillip Pugh says he last spoke to his nephew a couple weeks ago. He says Charles Pugh was happy to finally be moving on with his life.

Charles Pugh was charged in New York and is expected to return to Wayne County. A bond still has not been set. He will be back in court July 7.

Although the alleged incidents happened more than a decade ago, there is no statute of limitations. But third degree has 10 years, according to the prosecutors office once Pugh left the state, the statute on those counts paused.