Chevy reveals 2016 Volt, Bolt concept

Instead of being able to drive about 30 miles per charge, the new model can travel almost double that trip at about 50 miles per charge.

"I know it probably doesn't have much interest for a lot of people with gas prices the way they are, but the Chevy Volt is made in Detroit and I want to see the new version of that!" Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan previously told FOX 2. 

This is a very boastful year for the U.S. auto industry, having its best year since 2006. More than 16.5 million vehicles were sold for The Big Three in 2014. 

Another vehicle unveiled Monday morning was Chevy's concept car, the Bolt. 

The Bolt concept can go 200 plus miles on one charge. 

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The North American International Auto Show is January 12-25, 2015. The public will be admitted to the show beginning January 17.