Chicago woman beats alleged rapist with crowbar, knocks him unconscious

FOX 32 NEWS - A woman who was sexually assaulted by a neighbor beat him off with a crowbar and knocked him unconscious.

“All I know is somebody grabbed my hair. He kept saying I'm the Grim Reaper,” said Angela Ferguson.

She described waking up Monday morning in her home in the 1300 block of South Throop to a man on top of her who was demanding sex. At one point the suspect, 30-year-old Dorval Grice, threatened to kill her.

“He kept saying, don't look at me bitch, I'm the Grim Reaper. So he kept hitting me in my face, and doing blows to the head, so I did this, and I said please, please, why is you doing this?” Ferguson said.

Dorval Grice was a long time neighbor. He slipped in through a living room window that had a broken lock.

Ferguson showed FOX 32 where the attack happened and demonstrated how she grabbed a beer stein by her bed and fought off her attacker.

“When I kept hitting him, hitting him, he wouldn't give up. He wouldn't give up. I kept beating him, and seen blood everywhere. They say he had to have three surgeries on his head,” Ferguson said.

Somehow Ferguson pushed Grice out of her room, but he broke the door down and got back in. That's when she grabbed a crowbar from under her bed and fought him off once and for all.

“I just kept hitting him, kept hitting him, kept hitting him and kept hitting him. He was like this, aaahhhh, knocked out on the bed,” Ferguson said.

She said she ran outside and called 9-1-1. The 12th District Police Station is just a block and a half away. But no one came after the first call.

“So then I called the back again, she said who is this, I said this is Angela Ferguson, please come help me, please come help me, so I stood there and I waited on them to come. I actually had to call them three times,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson was asked how she got so tough. She credited her parents who taught her to box and not to cry.

She had the following words for her attacker.

“You're not gonna put Angie out. And so he should have knew,  that where he messed up. I bet he won't break into nobody else's house,” Ferguson said.

Grice is charged with home invasion and aggravated criminal sexual assault. He’s being held on $250,000 bail.