Child, 9, watches as DEA raids Troy condominiums

Early Thursday morning, federal agents swarmed a condominium complex in Troy to serve a search warrant.

Neighbors said they were stunned when the federal agents showed up but when they learned it was the Drug Enforcement Administration, they were at a loss.

At the corner of Maple and Coolidge, the DEA showed up at the Midtown Square Condos before dawn with weapons drawn and pointed at the garage of one of the units. A neighbor shot cell phone video of the raid conducted the DEA task force.

The whole scene comes as a complete shock to those who live nearby as residents found themselves in disbelief over the whole thing.

"I was scared because we picked this area because we know it's the safest area here. So we installed our alarm system just to be safe. I never thought this could happen here," one neighbor said.

The unidentified woman said her 9-year-old girl came into her room and said that she saw men with guns. She said she thought her daughter was having a bad dream.

"She said 'mommy there are a lot of police with flash lights and guns'. I said 'did you see them holding them?' She said 'no they are pointing them,'" she said.

The DEA would not release any details about what prompted the raid and only said that it was an "active investigation."

The lack of information makes for an unsettling environment at the complex, especially considering it was witnessed by a child.

"I don't want to scare her because she is not going to be able sleep at night," the parent said. "Especially since her room is by itself. I told her don't worry it's a safe place and the police will take care of it."

The DEA would not confirm if anyone was taken into custody as a result of the raid. FOX 2 watched them haul away a number of items from the home, including a vehicle.