Children of Beaumont Health workers receive new kids' vaccine to protect against COVID-19

On Friday children of Beaumont nurses and physicians showed off how easy it is to get vaccinated. The medical workers hope it inspires other parents to sign their young kids up to get the shot.

"I'm very excited to get vaccinated and I’ve been waiting as long as Covid started, to get vaccinated," said Noa Madvin.

These children are among the first in the country to get their first vaccine dose after CDC vaccine advisers voted this week to recommend the Pfizer vaccine in children ages 5-11.

Teddy Bears and candy were on site to take away the fear… But after it was over…this 7 year old realized it really wasn’t so bad

"It hurt but not as hard as I expected it to," said Griffin Rocchini

Griffin’s older sister also spoke about her experience.

"It makes me feel more confident," she said.

Parents say getting their children vaccinated against the deadly coronavirus makes them more confident also

"Just seeing firsthand how sick some of these patients are when they come in with Covid,  (and) to be able to not have the kids get sick and to pass it on to their friends, parents and other loved ones, is such an opportunity," said Dr. Al Rocchini

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For parents who have doubts, doctors say this vaccine is safe.

"This is a vaccine that has been studied in hundreds of millions of people and the results are clear it is protective," said Dr. Jeffrey Fischgrund.

These parents say it’s crucial to talk to your kids about the importance of getting vaccinated.

"We just educated them about the fact that it’s safe," said Sarah Rauner, Beaumont Troy Chief Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. "And effective."

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