China-made fake N95 masks are flooding market, here's what to look for

Millions of Americans are buying fake N95 masks by mistake as part of one of the newest pandemic scams.

Looking at them it's hard to tell, but what's getting in and out of that N95 mask is what may be putting you at risk. They might not be effective in protecting people from getting the virus.

About 11 million fake masks have been seized by the feds recently. Intellectual property attorneys at Dickinson Wright, say people are being duped every day.

 Many of them haven't been tested and have been checked out for quality control. One expert from Dickenson Wright says 1,100 hospitals in the U.S. bought fake masks during the pandemic. There are numerous civil and criminal lawsuits being filed against the makers. 

Here are some telltale signs you're looking at a fake:

  • Look for defects, ill-fitting straps. 
  • Ask yourself if the packaging is discolored
  • Are there misspellings, fake ones often have instruction manuals that are missing
  • Are they being sold individually? 

Something that is also important is that counterfeit products that have been seized are all coming from China. 

To learn more watch the full video above.