City of Detroit providing free basement flooding cleanup for qualifying residents

The city of Detroit is sending crews to the homes of residents who need a helping hand with basement flooding cleanup now after the massive rain from three weeks ago.

"I'm on disability, so I don't have a lot of income," said Carolyn Gaitlin.

Gatlin knew she needed help. but the person who she had helping her wasn't a professional and once their clean-up work was done her basement still had a stench.

"(There) wasn't a lot of raw sewage but there was some," she said. "You could smell it."

So when she heard about the city of Detroit's cleanup and sanitization services program to help residents like herself - and she called right away. The city says help is available for those who qualify.

"They are approved in the homeowner property tax assistance program - that means they meet certain income qualifications under that approval, if you are also a senior citizen age 65 and older and/or have a disability and/or have children 10 and under you are currently eligible for cleaning and sanitization services," said Palencia Mobley, DWSD deputy director and chief engineer.

Palencia Mobley/DWSD deputy director and chief engineer

Palencia Mobley/DWSD deputy director and chief engineer

On Thursday the crew showed up at Gatlin's home to provide services at no direct cost to the homeowner.

"It definitely was a lifesaver, I appreciate it," she said.

City officials make it clear that this work is just to make residents' basements safe.

"We are not restoring property at this point only we are only making sure property is safe and can be inhabited by the occupant," Mobley said.

As cleanup continues, Gatlin can't help but think about all the things she lost many of which are piled up outside.

But for now she is just thankful the city of Detroit provided a much-needed service that financially was out of reach.