City seeking proposals for Islandview, Villages area residential projects

The city has announced it is seeking proposals for two projects in the Islandview neighborhood.

After months of meetings with residents, city leaders say they've heard the voices of hundreds of residents about redeveloping the community near Vernor and Townsend.

"The number one concerns were can we get as much affordable housing as possible built into the redevelopment of housing in the area and help us think about how to get existing structures, existing duplexes, single-family houses, belonging to Land Bank redeveloped," said Arthur Jemison with the City of Detroit.

Out of those discussions, a plan is now in the works to create new housing and rehab some existing duplexes.

"The first is for a series of eight duplex structures in this area ... The other, just behind me, is a potential to have up to 45 multi-family housing units," Jemison said.

At least 20 percent of the new units will be designated as affordable housing 

"What it means is that you pay a rent that's close to $600-$700 if you live in a one bedroom unit," Jemison said.

Residents already living in this community say they hope this development project will help their property increase in value.

"With so much development happening like this project in particular, this is a great opportunity for actually wealth building from Detroiters in the neighborhood," said Ezekiel Harris.

City leaders say it's also a great opportunity for developers. Right now the search is on for organizations that can bring this project to life.

"Some combination of a neighborhood community development corporation and a private developer could come along and do it," Jemison said.

The target for the start of construction is 2020. To learn more about the project, click here.