Classic car lovers crowd Woodward and prepare for Dream Cruise

Preps are currently underway for the Woodward Dream Cruise 2019, but some classic car lovers are getting a jump start on all the fun. 

Martin Porter arrived early from Texas to show off his classic beauty. He's been coming to the event for 10 years now, but Porter said the classic car is not the only thing that drives him to attend. 

"The people," Porter said. "The cars are just a medium to meet. Everybody likes cars but what I enjoy most is talking to people."

 The official date of this year's Dream Cruise is August 17th. 

"I don't stay for Saturday. Too much gridlock," Porter said. 

Over the years, the Woodward Dream Cruise had turned into the Dream Cruise Weekend and for some the Dream Cruise Week. 

"You see deep crowds, more than a million people gathering and more than 40,000 active cars on Woodward, but just all the investment and all the parties and fun people are having along Woodward even well ahead of Saturday," said Jiyan Cadiz of Ford Motor company. 

Many say picking out the right spot to view the cruise is a tradition. 

"We have the same spot. We usually get some food and have a good time," said Dream Cruise attendee Joel Clark.

Good times and celebrating the classic cars is what the Dream Cruise is all about!