Clawson police say stranger at school was former student reliving his childhood

A file photo of an empty classroom 

On Tuesday, police in Clawson were investigating after a man tried to get in to one of the elementary schools. 

A teacher at Kenwood Elementary saw the stranger try to get in two different locked doors, and told him to check-in with the front desk if he wanted in. But the man never went to the front so the teacher got concerned. Police investigated and say they've resolved the incident. 

Police were able to identify the man and talk with him. The man told police he used to live in the Clawson area and went to Kenwood. He said he was in the area, so he parked in his old neighborhood and walked around, ending up at the school. 

The man said he did go to the front door of the school, but then figured he'd be wasting their time asking for a tour so he left without talking to anyone. 

Police say the man understands he should've made contact with the school to eliminate the safety concern. 

The Clawson Police Department appreciate everybody's concern and efforts with the situation. They say they're satisfied this is an innocent person who was just reliving parts of his childhood as a Clawson resident, and that he did not mean to create any type of safety concern.