Clawson's Flipside Records battles for business amid COVID-19 state shutdown

“We started out with records, expanded to toys, comics all the rest of the paraphernalia you see around here," said Todd Fundaro.

But ultimately at Flipside Records it’s about the music. They've been playing it and selling it in downtown Clawson since 1983.

"Music is always, it’s an emotional thing, right? It appeals to your emotions," said Fundaro, the owner of Flipside Records.

Like so many other small shops business was good - until it wasn't. A global pandemic and a statewide shutdown took place while Flipside Records has been playing the music - but there's no one there to listen to it.

"We do some online sales but there's way to possibly make up for the loss of business that we have online," he said.

There is also curbside pick-up.

"So you call us up, and we have what you want, and we will give you a total on it," he said. "You can pull up to the door, we'll get our masks on, our gloves, get your credit card payment or cash and bring it out."

Even though Flipside is closed for walk in business, Fundaro has put up social distance signs for when customers are allowed back inside.

The signs say 'Stay two Mira lengths apart.' Mira is one of two shop dogs at Flipside

"I'm looking at the future of retail and here the way we social distance, and limit the amount of people you have in the store," he said. "I'm not sure what this is going to look like."

Fundaro hopes his record store will be able to stay open for years to come but right now, he just doesn't what the future holds.

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