Clinton talks college tuition, voter registration at Wayne State rally

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton made another campaign stop in Metro Detroit on Monday afternoon.

It was a packed house at a voter registration event at Wayne State University.

"Did anybody see that debate last night?" Clinton said to a roaring crowd.

With just 29 days until the election, the race for the White House continues to be a muddy one.

But Clinton says there is a way to clean it up and starts with casting a ballot.

"They want you to just say, 'Well I'm not going to vote because you know, it's so nasty.’ That's the main reason to vote," she said.

Some of that mud spilled into the basketball gym at Wayne State University where a protestor accusing Bill Clinton of sex crimes disrupted her speech.

"I do hope someone follows that guy out and stages an intervention. He clearly has not been following this election very closely," Clinton said.

One of the nastier topics that emerged this weekend revolves around vulgar comments make more than a decade ago when Donald Trump was filming a TV show. He has since apologized for those comments, but Clinton's not buying it.

"That is just a really weak excuse for behaving badly and mistreating people," she said.

Her visit comes just one day before the deadline for voter registration -- a point she hammered home again and again.

"That's how we are going to win -- by the biggest turnout that we have seen in a really long time," she said.

And this being a college campus, the issue of college tuition became a chance to talk platform for a minute.

"We're going to make public colleges like Wayne State tuition free for working families," Clinton said.

The speech only lasted a half hour, focusing primary on issues she feels are important -- a far cry what we saw during the debate Sunday night.