Closing arguments in death of man charged with killing Chad Wolf

Closing arguments were held Tuesday in the case of a man who is charged with dragging a Michigan State Police trooper on I-75 in 2015.

UPDATE: Just after 11 a.m. Wednesday, the jury returned with the verdict. WATCH IT LIVE HERE:

The fate of Charles Warren is now in the hands of the jury in the case of the man accused of running over Michigan State Police Trooper Chad Wolf. Wolf was killed in the line of duty when he was hit and dragged by a vehicle pulling a trailer. Wolf was patrolling I-75 on his motorcycle in the early morning of Aug. 28 when he was hit by Warren.

Prosecutors argued that Warren didn't pull over several miles and that his 'poor actions and reckless driving' casued the death of the married father of four.

"This was a tragedy that could have been avoided, that should have been avoided. But for a series of choices made by the defendant, Charles Warren, Chad Wolf may be alive today," Prosecutors said.

The prosecutor points out that Warren didn't hook up his trailer lights that morning and instead left them in the trunk of his car. They also argue that the crash happened because Warren missed the entrance to the interstate and veered onto the ramp at the last minute.

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Warren did not testify in the case. His attorney painted a different picture and aruged that Warren never saw Wolf. He said that Warren thought he hit a bump on the road - which is what Warren told police at the scene.

"He waved Miranda Rights, he was cooperative, consented to a search of everything, multiple DNA [tests]," attorney Neil Rockind said in court. "You have a picture of him, which is a guy that didn't know and was completely caught of guard and was totally shocked."

Warren's attorney also argued his client didn't pull over sooner, because he felt it was unsafe on the side of the highway. He says Warren pulled over at a rest stop, thinking he only had a damaged tire.

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