CMU student charged with killing parents in dorm incompetent for trial

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The Central Michigan University student who has been charged with the murder of his mother and father inside his dorm room has been found incompetent to stand trial.

James E. Davis Jr., was found incompetent for trial last week, according to Isabella County court. 

Davis is charged with murdering his parents, James Eric Davis Sr., 48, and mother Diva, 47,  inside his dorm room on March 2. 

By the time police arrived at his dorm, he was gone and a 15-hour manhunt ensued. Around midnight, he was found by Mount Pleasant Police.

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Friends say Davis was quiet, polite and kind, the product of a good family.

Father James Eric Davis Sr. and 47-year-old Diva. Neighbors say she was a flight attendant and a wonderful mother, James was retired from the military work as a part-time police officer for 20 years in west suburban Bellwood, his home town.