CMU suspending all study abroad trips for rest of semester due to coronavirus

Central Michigan University is suspending all study abroad trips scheduled for the rest of the semester, as concerns of the coronavirus expanded.

In an update posted on the school's website Tuesday, the university president said the decision was made following recommendations made by the Centers for Disease and Control on Monday.

"These were not easy decisions to make. I greatly value the experiences that study abroad and international travel bring to our students, faculty and staff and understand how this will personally affect those who were scheduled to travel. But, we must put health and safety first," wrote Bob Davies.

Programs in China, South Korea, and Italy had already been suspended as the COVID-19 virus spread throughout those countries. All those countries, as well as Iran, were given a level 3 health notice from the CDC after outbreak levels rose into the thousands.

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Any students that were already in those countries and were returning are being mandated by the school to self-quarantine themselves for 14 days before returning to campus. Students in all countries with a CDC level 2 or lower health notice are not required to return to the US.

While no decision has been made on summer study abroad programs, the school said it was monitoring the worldwide impact the coronavirus will have.