Commerce Township dancers raise money to help homeless with Lighthouse of Oakland County

Dancers from Studio A are stepping out on stage and stepping up to help the homeless.

"Just thinking how difficult that would be and how lucky we are, grateful we are, to have each other and wanted to support those who didn’t have that," said Cami Krugel, senior dancer.

The Commerce Township dancers are practicing for their 20th annual charity show. This year the senior dancers chose to donate goods and proceeds from the event to Lighthouse, an Oakland County organization dedicated to providing housing, food, and emergency services to homeless families.  

The average age of a homeless person in Oakland County is just 7 years old.

"It always makes me super sad and upset, but I always want to do something about it, and this charity show is always the best time to actually do something about it," said Katie Hodge, Studio A dancer.

"They felt really strongly about doing something about benefiting kids their own age and also things to do with mental health, with the state of the world," said Stacy Bonn, the Studio A manager. "And they really were so passionate about finding something local."

Bonn says the girls were also passionate about hand picking many of the wish list items they bought - from necessities like jackets, pillows, and snacks, to school, supplies, and electronics for Oakland County's homeless students. They even managed to pick out a few fun things for the kids to enjoy.

"I just hope lots of smiles go around on everybody's faces and everybody face lights up when they see the goods we got them and that people care and are there," said Hodge.

The charity show is set for Sunday, but because of Covid they had to limit seating, but that's not going to stop the dancers, that range in age 7 to 18, from dancing their hearts out, for a cause they are connected to.

"Just being able to do what we love and make a difference by doing it, is so special and something we look forward to every year," Brugel said.

"It’s just a great experience for kids to experience how it feels to give back," said Bonn.

If you would like to help their cause, go to the Lighthouse website HERE.