Drivers get 50 cents a gallon discount at Royal Oak Marathon

Driver at the Marathon Gas Station in Royal Oak pulled up for a discount Tuesday thanks to a small business owner and Community Choice Credit Union.

On Tuesday just before Christmas, it was $.50 cents off a gallon of gas at 12 Mile and Crooks in Royal Oak. 

"This is a good deal," said Rhonda, in from Ohio who was visiting her sister in Warren. "Corona don't stop your bills. So I thank this bank."

It made her trip a little cheaper.  

The small business "We've Got Gas" partnered with Community Choice Credit Union to finance the fill-ups at Marathon gas station. 

"I know the feeling of just being able to walk in on something that you do on an everyday basis and give it to you at a discounted rate," said LaToya Walker, manager, Community Choice Credit Union.

It's a good feeling. And especially a good feeling because gas prices just took a hike to $2.19, and .50 cents off, is good. 

"Today I've seen nothing but smiles and excitement," said Nicole Gilbert, Marathon station owner.  "And yes you have to wait, but what a wonderful thing to be able to fill your tank before the holidays."

With the price down to $1.69 a gallon, word spread fast. But that's not all - the credit union also randomly passed out another $450 in free gas cards.  

"I only had $20 so to come and get a card it's a blessing," said Shanice Pepybaboo.