Community rallies for Westland student battling rare cancer

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Devyn Chatman is known at John Glenn High School as a person willing to help out.

Teachers say he recently raised more donated money than anyone in his class for cancer research, but just days later a cruel twist of fate sent the 18-year old to the hospital. 

"A rare cancer called osteosarcoma," said Trina Mike, Devyn's mother.

Tumors that were growing quickly and needed emergency surgery. 

"In his side of his face and in his chin and the side of his mouth," his mother said. "He couldn't close his mouth."

"I thought it was horribly ironic that he would have cancer in the jaw like that when all he does is smile," said Wendy Grimm, Devyn's English teacher.

Doctors removed bones from his leg to reconstruct his face. as you can imagine a costly and overwhelming experience for a mother to go through. 

"It was scary for me but Devyn was so calm so I had to be fine too," she said.

"Financially that is a big struggle and she should just worry about Devyn," said classmate Jessica Sanders.

Now a teen that was so willing to help others out, found himself in need.  When word spread of cancer diagnosis at the school, other students - even those who hardly knew him, stepped up.

Jessica Sanders created these bracelets and is selling them in the school for $2 apiece. 

"Most people don't think their classmates will help, they keep the struggles to themselves," Sanders said. "But that's not true, we are here to help"

That is not the only effort to help out being done. A GoFundMe page has been created to help with mounting medical bills as Devyn recovers.  The Westland Police Department got wind and donated $600 immediately. 

Devyn's mom says he has at least another month of chemo but knowing he has the support of the community makes all the difference. 

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