Conference prepares churches for active shooter situations

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Metro Detroit's religious community is getting serious about security in the wake of recent church and school shootings across the country.

On Saturday, more than 50 faith-based organizations attended a crisis training event at Second Ebenezer Church sponsored by the nonprofit Security Leaders Coalition to help churches prepare for the worst and save lives.

The coalition's goal, to equip metro Detroit churches, synagogues, mosques and others to handle any crisis situation, from an active shooter to a missing child.

Attendees will learn about the five biggest mistakes organizations make during a crisis - and what they can do to avoid them.

“There are people that are keeping an eye on the congregation we call them sheep dogs, these are the people who are watching the sheep, and these people are learning how to spot things that don’t look right, how to manage things that don’t go right and how to help people when things go really bad,” V.P of Security Leaders Coalition Ron Hallen said.