Controversy stirred following drug test with transgender woman in Pontiac

Adrian Miller received a misdemeanor charge for drug possession after her friend left cocaine in her car. 

She's doing everything she can to be in compliance with the court, which includes drug and alcohol testing. However over the weekend, that turned problematic.

"During the whole process, the office was full of people," Miller said. "Everybody's in there, they're looking - I felt embarassed, humiliated and discriminated against."

Her strife is rooted in her gender. Born male, Miller identifies as female. On April first, she went to Jams Enterprises in Pontiac for a urine test, where she was monitored by a female employee. However, when she went to get tested the following Saturday, a different scene played out.

"The whole office of employees was uncomfortable with dropping in on me because I was transgender," she said.

The employees called their general manager, who in turn told them to administer a mouth swab instead. Miller is concerned that would violate her probation. 

"If I violate, I deal with those consequences of it, but if they violate the court order what consequences do they have?" Miller asked.

Miller is requesting the agency review their policies and that they get updated accordingly. That way, individuals that find themselves in the same situation she did won't have to feel humilated. In response to the incident, the general manager of the James Enterprises expressed interest in cementing that sentiment.

"There are several things that we can do so that the client is not offended and just as equally so our staff is not offended," said Michelle Foster. 

Foster said she spoke with Miller, saying that by law, if one's ID states they are male, a male has to monitor your urine test, and vice versa for females.

"One thing like this affects all of us," Foster said. "As soon as we make a mistake, it's something all of us have to be re-educated on."