Cops look for man who assaulted clerk, steals from same gas station

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A clerk at a Southfield gas station took matters into his own hands to stop a thief. 

The clerk wants to remain anonymous, but police need your help to find the man who assaulted him nearly two months ago

"He punched me you know, I'm very upset," he said.

This clerk says the man was no stranger, saying the suspect had been in the gas station store a number of times in the past grabbing food and running out the door.

"I tried to stop him," he said. "I said if you need anything to eat, let me know."

Despite telling the suspect that management allows store clerks to give those who are hungry a free hot dog and something to drink, the brazen robber continued coming back and stealing more food.

But earlier this year the station clerk decided to confront the robber as he grabbed more items - leading to the man assaulting him.

"Like this you, you know fighting. I said no fighting, I said why you want to fight with me?" the clerk said. "He punched me you know, very upset. I fell on the floor."

Police say the clerk was treated at the scene for his juries but the victim said the experience continues to haunt him and he says it doesn't help that after the assault, the same suspect has been back inside the store stealing more food.

"It's very hard," he said. "My wife says forget this job, find something else but I've worked a long time for them and owner says don't go away." 

Owners say since the guy has taken food he has stolen hundreds of dollars in profits.  

If you have any information on this suspect contact Southfield police at (248) 796-5500.