Corktown neighborhood cleaning up after water main breaks

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A broken water main in Corktown early Tuesday morning made it look more like a river.

"I've been here my whole life and this is the first time I've ever seen it this bad," said Sam Zammit.

Like some of the residents on Wabash Street in Corktown, they couldn't even get out of their homes this morning because the water was so high.  

"None of us are able to get to our cars, the waterline is above the door," said one resident.

And it wasn't until mid-day Tuesday that residents could get to their cars.  The cause of all this water was two water main breaks on Michigan Avenue. However, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department is not sure of why these mains broke. 

The drains were clogged with leaves and garbage- which didn't allow the water to drain off quickly. Some businesses along Michigan Avenue had to have their water turned off- not good for business. 

FOX 2 is told that the water mains are old and that the pipes under the road are from the 1800s. 

Now, I am also told that the city is embarking on a $500 million program to begin upgrading the water and sewer systems.