Councilman Andre Spivey reports on the status of his personal taxes

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As political circles buzz with speculation that Detroit City Councilman Andre Spivey would be the council's next president, Spivey cut deals with the city, county, state and feds to pay off $70,000 in unpaid income and property taxes. 

Spivey says he entered payment plans last week to start paying off two years’ worth of delinquent property taxes and unpaid income taxes dating back to 2008- the year before he was first elected to City Council. 

Spivey says he struggles like many people to pay his taxes. Unlike most people, Spivey has two jobs - in addition to being a councilman, he is also a pastor, his wife is a chemical engineer and he sends his two kids to expensive private schools.

In a recent news report Councilman Andre Spivey reports on the status of his personal taxes.

"As a public servant, I know that I am held to a higher standard; however, that does not mean I do not face the same issues that countless citizens deal with daily. The key is acknowledging the issue and addressing it promptly.  Like many city residents, I experienced some financial challenges. In 2011, those financial challenges caused me to fall behind on my tax obligations. I immediately took the necessary steps to address these tax issues by entering into payment plans. My efforts are to continue addressing these responsibilities and comply with the payment plans I have already established."