Couple attacked, raped, robbed on Detroit's west side

Two teenagers are attacked and forced into an abandoned house at gunpoint. One of them is raped while the other, robbed. It's just the latest in a string of attacks on the west side in recent weeks.

The father of the victim of the young woman who was raped stopped by the home, went inside and told FOX 2's Amy Lange "I hope you find them before I do because I'm looking for them".

The abandoned home in the 15500 block of Mansfield on the city's west side is the scene of yet another violent attack. A 17-year-old woman and her 18-year-old boyfriend walking down the street just after midnight when two gunmen ran up, ordered them into the vacant home, raped her, robbed them both, and took off.

Neighbors on Detroit's west side say they just aren't safe anymore.

"You really can't walk the city of Detroit no more, it's scary now," Karen, who lives nearby said. She did not want to give her last name.

Harold Thompson said this has been happening more and more and the vacant homes plus lack of police presence is to blame.

"It's been going on because of the houses around that's vacant and there's not enough police presence in the area," Thompson said. "When you walk by a vacant house and the door is open and someone runs out on you, what can you do?

Other neighbors on Mansfield are alarmed and disgusted as this rape is so similar to several other recent attacks on women and their boyfriends. Earlier Tuesday morning, three men accused in the other attacks were released and charges were dropped after the victims failed to appear in court.

"How do you have three people that are accused of something that hideous and let them out, it's terrible," Charlene, who also lives nearby and did not wish to give her last name, told FOX 2's Amy Lange Tuesday.

It's terrifying. Now, women like Karen aren't taking any chances.

"When I get out of my car I got my gun because you never know."