Couple deals with Southfield venue closing 2 weeks before wedding

Permanently closed. That’s how a local couple found out their wedding venue was closed for good. It happened two weeks before their wedding. Now, they’re out a venue and thousands of dollars.

“We actually met at church, in high school,” said bride to be Rachel Smith. 

This high school sweetheart love story took a turn this week.
“I don’t know how someone could do this to someone,” Rachel said. “It’s supposed to be the best day of your life.”
Rachel Smith and her fiancé, Sammie, were supposed to get married in two weeks, but on Friday, they found out their venue, Noah’s in Southfield is closed…permanently!
Noah’s with 50 locations across the country was in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for a year. Last week a judge ordered them to liquidate, not even the decency to let clients know.
“We would have showed up for the rehearsal dinner and literally had nowhere to go,” Rachel said. 
All along, the Southfield location never paused accepting client’s money.
“Our last bar payment was made Thursday night and Friday is when they completely closed,” Rachel said. “They disappeared into thin air.”
Right now, Rachel can’t even think about working to get that 10 or 12 thousand back because now they’re scrambling what to do with 210 guests, a couple dozen flying in from out of state, with nowhere to go.
“I don’t really have any words for them,” Rachel said. 

FOX 2 made multiple attempts to get in touch with the people from Noah’s and didn’t have any luck.