Couple kicked off flight for "body odor" suing American Airlines

A Metro Detroit couple was escorted off an American Airlines flight traveling from Miami to Detroit for allegedly having body odor. Now one year later the couple is suing the airline claiming religious discrimination. The Adlers are Orthodox Jews. 

The complaint states the plaintiffs were distraught and approached people at the gate asking them if they could detect any unpleasant body odor. It further states more than 20 people said they didn’t smell anything. 

Yehuda Yosef spoke with Fox 2 last year about how the airlines treated him. 

“They’re going around push their nose, and those were the managers I asked if there was anybody on top of them they’re like now we’re the managers and that’s what they were doing, embarrassing us in front of everybody. You want people to fly with your airline, treat people with respect,” Yosef said.

American Airlines released a statement saying in part.

"The Adler family was asked to deplane after multiple passengers and our crew members complained about Mr. Adler's body odor. None of the decisions made by our team in handling this sensitive situation were based on the Adlers' religion."

Court documents state that a search for “body odor” includes results showing the Adler name. 

It further states American Airlines intentionally and/or recklessly mistreated the plaintiffs and caused them to suffer major depression and extreme humiliation.

The Adlers are seeking punitive damages for civil violations, infliction of emotional distress and defamation.