‘It smelled so bad’: Couple's dog eats $4,000 in cash

Cecil the dog ate $4,000 sitting on the counter in his owner's home. (Photo courtesy of Carrie Law)

A Pittsburgh couple had the unthinkable happen when they made a bizarre discovery with their beloved dog. 

Carrie and Clayton Law were shocked to learn that Cecil, a 7-year-old goldendoodle, ate $4,000 in cash sitting on their counter after it was withdrawn from the bank earlier in the day on Dec. 14, 2023.

"Cecil somehow grabbed it from the counter less than 30 minutes later.  He never tries to get on tables or counters, so this was very out of character for him," Carrie tells FOX Television Stations. 

Once the initial shock of what Cecil did passed, the couple contacted the veterinarian with Carrie explaining to FOX that as long as Cecil was acting normal, eating, and going to the bathroom, he didn’t have to come in for an appointment. 

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Carrie and Clayton Law collected the torn up money Cecil ate and cleaned it up. (Photo courtesy of Carrie Law)

Carrie and Clayton worked diligently for several days to recover the torn up pieces of money Cecil consumed, and it became quite an ordeal. 

"Cecil threw up a little bit of the money at around 2 a.m. the following day. We picked that up and then cleaned it in the morning. Clayton then followed Cecil around the yard and collected his poop.  We then had to wash all the money in a utility sink. We did this for 2–3 days. We then had to dry the money and tape it back together."

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Carrie and Cecil together in their home. (Photo courtesy of Carrie Law)

Carrie told the Pittsburgh City Paper that "it smelled so bad."

The couple shared their experience in an Instagram story on Carrie’s page. "This is Cecil, he’s never done anything bad in his life, until he ate $4,000," the post said. 


Clayton and Cecil outdoors together. (Photo courtesy of Carrie Law)

Carrie tells FOX that the bank was willing to replace most of the bills that had serial numbers, and they received about $3,550. 

This story was reported from Washington, D.C.