Lions fan legend 'Crackman' has NFC Championship game birthday plans in San Francisco

Ron Crachiola — most know him as "Crackman" — was one of the 66,000 Lions fans roaring at Ford Field Sunday.

When FOX 2 got to his home in Macomb Township, his phone was buzzing from text messages. He’s trying to get to San Francisco to see the Lions play Sunday - and that just so happens to be his birthday.

"I don’t have a plan yet," he said. "I kind of do things spur of the moment."

Crackman is trying to find a way to get to Sunday’s NFC Championship game in Santa Clara.

"The game is over. We win. It’s like everything is blowing up. Going on a flight. I don’t know what the flights are going now for. Maybe $1,200. It's hard to say, but there’s other options. I'm thinking okay, I could take a train," he said.

FOX 2: "You could take a bus. I’m sure you can find something. You’ve got a few days right?"

Crackman: "Oh yeah."

FOX 2: "It is my understanding that Sunday is also your birthday?"

Crackman: "Correct. I’ll turn 72."

FOX 2: "Describe the feeling of this team and the confidence it gives you as a fan."

Crackman: "It’s like a 747, when it takes off. when the jets kick in, man, it’s like vroom, baby you’re back there."

Crackman has been to every Lions game this season — including Sunday’s win over the Buccaneers. The first time Detroit has won more than one playoff game since 1957.

"The place was just vibrating," he said.

Crackman and his late father.

Crackman and his late father.

FOX 2: "Like a 747. Were your ears ringing after the game?"

Crackman: "Oh yeah, they were ringing, but they've come down a little."

This season is extra special because the Lions success comes months after Crackman’s dad passed away in April. The super fan wears a necklace dedicated to his father and another close friend who died in 2019.

FOX 2: "You’re able to live moments that, unfortunately, they weren't here for. But to see these moments, and I'm sure you feel that they are looking down."

Crackman: "Oh, you feel it. Last night when I finally hit the old pillow there, I said, 'Dad, we got this, baby.'"