Crime Stoppers: Demetrius Jones

Demetrius Jones, a married father of four, was gunned down on October 12, 2020, and his family says they are still looking for answers. 

According to authorities, Jones was found inside a house on Greenway between Howell and Northfield on Detroit's westside. 

Donnita Jones, the victims' sister, says, "I'm tired of going through the hurt the not knowing because in my heart...I don't think it was a stranger I feel like it was someone that knew him.  Someone who actually did it for greed. So, just finding out who did it that would mean everything to me."

Not only was Demetrius robbed of his life, he was but a very valuable chain as well. 

Demetrius Jones, crime stoppers. 

"He had a chain on his neck that was made of diamonds.. it reminds you of a tennis bracelet but for your neck,' says Donnita Jones. 

The family says the pain of their loss is still being felt especially by Jones's children. 

If you have information about this crime, please call Crime stoppers at 1800-SPEAK-UP. You will always remain anonymous.