Crooked contractor now in jail facing criminal enterprise charge

Attorney General Dana Nessel announced charges against a crooked contractor alleged of scamming people out of their hard-earned cash. His shady business was first highlighted by our Rob Wolchek.

Look who's locked up: it's Temo!

Judge: "Sir state your name and spell your last name."

"Artemio Fabiano Sessions."
Temo Sessions is in jail and had to face judge Michael Martinez's in virtual court.

Temo was arraigned virtually in Pontiac but he's facing real charges for taking money under false pretenses which is a five-year felony and conducting a criminal enterprise for his garage business, a 20-year felony.

Temo Sessions: "Can I ask one question?"

Judge: "Yes."

Temo Sessions: "Am I going to get something that tells me what this is all about?"

Temo Sessions in a holding area after his virtual court hearing.

Temo Sessions in a holding area after his virtual court hearing.

What it's about?  It's about the same thing Wolchek put him in the Hall of Shame for, in 2019!

Temo was running a construction business called Garages R Us and his unhappy customers said they'd given tens of thousands of dollars to him - and either got no garages or half-completed garages.

Wolchek: "What do you think I should say to this guy when I find him?"

"You're a scumbag dude," said one of Temo's customers.

Temo had lots of angry customers all over Metro Detroit.

"So painful. I don't want him to hurt other people again," said another.

So Wolchek caught up to Temo and busted him.

Wolchek: "I'm Rob from FOX 2 can I talk to you?  I've got to ask you about your garage business. Temo?"

Temo Sessions: "Yeah it's not a business."

Wolchek: "I got a bunch of people who say you took their money and didn't finish. Kevin and Judith what about Judith that nice lady from Westland."

Judith gave Temo more than $10,000 to build a new garage, Temo demolished her old one and left her yard in ruins, and disappeared.

One of Temo's jobs.

One of Temo's jobs.

Wolchek put Temo in the Hall of Shame.


Now Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel put Temo on blast. She says in a press release.

"An individual who hones and perfects a routine for defrauding individuals out of their hard-earned dollars is perpetrating a scam and must be held accountable."

She also mentions Wolchek's Hall of Shame story and the victims that Rob featured.

Knock, knock. Who's there?  This isn't a joke Temo, it's time to face some justice.