CrossFit gym owner with camera in changing room learns prison fate

A former gym owner who police say placed a hidden camera inside the ladies' locker room was sentenced three to 20 years for video of a minor.Tuesday and 11 months behind bars for video of adults.

"Matt took away my confidence, my self esteem and my trust is others," a victim said.

Matthew Krakowski, 35, was arrested last year in Clinton Township when a female police officer and member of Switch CrossFit spotted the camera. She noticed the camera being pulled up through a cutaway ceiling tile.  

"In speaking to other victims it was estimated that these devices have been in place for at least 3 years prior to Matt being caught. At the peak of Switch CrossFit, there were well over 100 members, local boys hockey teams, local girl volleyball teams, even a boy scout troop got trained there," another victim said.


There are 15 identified victims, including a juvenile.

"Imagine trying to tell your 11 year old son that when he was 6, someone that he trusted recorded him while he was in the bathroom," one juvenile's mother said.

Krakowski pleaded no contest to  "capturing an image of an unclothed person" and one count of "child sexual abusive activity" because one of the victims was a child. He faces up to 21 months in prison.

"I take full responsibility for my past actions that have caused pain and humilation to people that I care about. I am ready accept my appropriate punishment and after it's complete, I will continue working to prevent any future incidents through therapy and the support of my loved ones," he said.

According to Rand Law, LLC, Krakowski installed hidden cameras in changing rooms, shower areas and bathrooms, capturing video of people using the restroom, undressing, and shots of their private body parts.

"Our clients are hoping that Matthew Krakowski receives the maximum sentence tomorrow for the numerous crimes he committed, and especially for filming minor children," said Attorney Maurice Davis. "As a former member of that gym for two years, this case and Matt's sentencing is personal to me. Our gym and its members were like a family, and to be made vulnerable and exposed by someone you trust is the ultimate betrayal."

Victims who spoke during sentencing say they are traumatized over what happened to them.

"In my book you're a disgusting monster," one person said.

"You've not only tarnished my life but your own. You're a disappointment to society, to the CrossFit community, to your family and to all of those people that you serve alongside. You're a disgrace Matt Krakowski - you are a coward," another victim said.