Dad gives son second chance at healthy life by donating kidney

A local dad gives his son a chance at living a happy and healthy life by donating his kidney. 

“My son Adrien, he was diagnosed with kidney dysplasia and kidney failure at the age of 6 months,” said Adrien’s mom Jessica Lopez. 

Adrien Lopez is a 3-year-old who spent most of his life looking at the walls of Children’s Hospital in Detroit. 

He was born with 2 bad kidneys and has been on Dialysis since he was an infant. 

His father, Juan Lopez, was the first family member tested, and he was a perfect match. 

“He couldn’t stop crying,” Jessica said. “He did whatever he needed to do to make sure that kidney was going into Adrien.”

Juan’s kidney was removed on Monday and then transplanted into Adrien. 

“I can’t thank God enough,” Jessica said. “I can’t thank his doctors enough for helping him get through this.” 

Juan’s recovery went so well he was released from the hospital the next day. Adrien’s recovery is a longer process and he’ll stay at Children’s Hospital for at least the next 10 days. 

Although he’s only 3-years-old, his mother believes he’s aware of the gift his dad gave him.

“As soon as he saw his dad, his dad came up to the hospital as soon as they released him, he gave his dad the biggest hug and the biggest kiss,” Jessica said 

The family is grateful for everyone who helped them through this journey. Even the unsung heroes who might not have realized they helped saved this little boy’s life. 

“I want to say thank you to all of those who donated blood, because without that, Adrian wouldn't have made it,” Jessica. 

The family is expecting a third child and since Juan is unable to work due to recovery. If you want to support the family, click here