Dad reunited with restored Mustang after selling it to pay for wife's cancer treatment

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Wesley Ryan can't believe his eyes.

"Is this my car?"

He and his family were reunited with his 1993 Mustang GT - the one he sold 17 years ago to pay for his wife's cancer treatment. "I'm blown away right now," he said.

Last year we told you how Ryan's children tracked down his old Mustang and bought it back for him, the car they called Christine. He loved that car - but he loves his family and his wife - more than anything.

"We sold the car for medical bills. Obviously we were going to have a lot of things to deal with; she was going to be out of work," he said.

Laura had ovarian cancer and nothing mattered more than her being cured. Fortunately she has been healthy for years.

So last year their children decided to buy back the car, and when Ford Motor Co. heard about that, they stepped in - in a big way.

"They've been through a lot. They've made a lot of sacrifices, and they are really passionate about their Mustang and so it was a real honor for us to get involved," said Henry Ford III. 

And they did it in a big way - new engine, transmission, paint, tires - you name it. Christine got a complete makeover.

"We can't say enough to Ford, to Detroit, to just the loving family we've walked into up here, we're blown away," Wes said. "We never expected this - we didn't mean for this to happen - we're blessed and we're a grateful family."

Grateful and going home to Texas with Christine the Mustang, a family member they never expected to get back - let alone, now in mint condition.

"It brings my family whole again," Laura said. "It makes us whole again and some people may, but it's an extension of our family and back home."

"I get a beautiful car, two beautiful kids who brought it home and I got a cancer-free wife that's with me for a long time," Wes said. "You have created a family heirloom and I can't say thank you enough."