Danielle Stislicki's mother speaks after person of interest accepts plea in other case

Just weeks ago, Floyd Galloway said he wanted to go to trial but on Tuesday morning entered a surprise plea for the September sexual assault involving a jogger in Hines Park.

"I think this is something that my client's been dealing with for a long time. There's a lot at stake in this case - the risk of going to trial," said his attorney John Dakmak.

Risks include going to prison for up to life. However, under the agreement, he pleaded guilty to kidnapping, sexual assault and choking. He will spend a minimum of 16 years and a maximum of 35 years in prison.

"This was his decision. He thought about it for a long time," Dakmak said.

Galloway is also a person of interest in the Dec. 2 disappearance of Danielle Stislicki. The two worked in the same building in Southfield. Danielle's mother wanted to be in the courtroom.

"We came here today, my daughter Holly and I, to represent Danielle. For the opportunity of maybe even a glimpse of seeing Floyd and that him knowing that we're here, and we're going to continue to be here," said her mother, Ann.

But the Stislicki case was not brought up. Galloway will be sentenced on Dec. 2.

"I am grateful that he was able to admit what he did, and from there, we'll take it and move it forward for everyone," Ann said.

Moving forward, police will still be trying to find Danielle and perhaps get some cooperation from Floyd Galloway.

"Just sad day for everyone involved - Floyd, his family, the young lady, her family and friends. There's no winners in this. There's no winners," said attorney Jim Williams.