Dashcam shows chase of shooting suspect outside Beaumont Dearborn

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Chaos unfolded outside of Beaumont Hospital while Dearborn police say 27-year-old Ruben Salinas took his own life.

"It was clear he was beyond resuscitation," said Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad.

Police say the mayhem started there around 8:30 Wednesday night on Melvindale's usually quiet Caryn Street. Salinas showed up at his ex-girlfriend's home and confronted her new boyfriend, a 30-year-old man from Grosse Pointe Woods. An argument soon erupted.

Neighbors say the arguing quickly escalated and turned violent.

"The decedent was armed with an AR-15, also armed with a handgun and it was discovered this morning he had a third gun tucked in the car," Haddad said.

Police say Salinas' ex-girlfriend tried to take the gun away, but couldn't. Neighbors then heard half a dozen shots directed toward her new boyfriend.

"I didn't even believe it was a gun, I thought maybe it was fireworks or something," said Abdul Abdulaziz.

"In my head I'm counting how many shots are going off and I am thinking it is not fireworks anymore," said Noor, a neighbor who declined to give a last name.

The man got into his truck and called 911, before driving away, but neighbors say Salinas was quick to follow.

"He almost hit my brother's car... on the grass and left, “Abdulaziz said.

Salinas chased and shot at the truck, while Dearborn police took over the chase.

Police dispatch gave officers detailed information and locations.
"This was a saving grace to what happened last night," Haddad said.

As the driver of the truck, who was cut and bleeding, drove to Beaumont hospital, Salinas chased right behind as officers were trying to stop him.

Police rammed Salinas' car a second time, but then more gunshots.

Moments later police say just outside of the hospital Salinas, cornered by police, took his life. The driver of that truck only suffered cuts and bruises.
"In light of the fact that no one else was injured, I think we had the best day we could've had in that event," Haddad said.